My take on the LittleWire

Well, I needed an other AVR Programmer, in addition to my FabISP-based design, to keep at home in backup.

I was going to make a simple AVR programmer with an ATTiny45 when I stumbled upon the Little Wire which does AVR programming but also some other cool stuff, like USB-I2C for example. It also has a bootloader, which is pretty cool (and maybe the main reason why I chose this firmware over another one) even if it requires an Attiny85 (yeah, maybe it works on an Attiny45 if we trim the firmware but it's kinda late...)

But I don't have 19 $ to spend on an AVR thingy, and had the parts, some perfboard and some 30 AWG wire. So I tried, and it worked =)
Here's the result. Yes, the perfboard is quite small and round, but it works the same ^^
Pic01 Pic02 Pic03
So far I've only tried to erase a chip and to use the bootloader feature (despite what the LittleWire's creator says, there's a Linux version available on AVR Freak). Both tests ran fine, so I'm quite happy, We'll see if any problem rises later...