Attiny85 - VUSB ... TRIACs...


Today I wanted to try etching PCBs with hydrogen peroxide and chloridric acid, both of which can be found in local stores...


I had a small board to make, to be able to control the power of my Internet Boxes to reset them when they hang (which happens when I need them not to), so I printed it, and tried to etch it.

The proportions I used were: 50% water, 25% HCl, 25% H2O2. Poured in this order in the container. HANDLE WITH CARE if you cant to try that.


I have to say I am impressed by the result: Fast, precise, clean. Since the board came out clean, I populated and programmed it.

I used this opportunity to try Micronucleus (a small USB bootloader for Attiny85), and after a little work to have it compile, it just work, that's very cool.


Here's the picture of the board:


Picture of the Board

Since I already had the code on hand, I tried to flash it (using the bootloader), worked first try =D

Left to do: Computer script to ping and reset the board when needed...


If you want the schematics and sourcecode, I can release them, just ask.

Cia ;)