Attiny85 - VUSB ... TRIACs...


Today I wanted to try etching PCBs with hydrogen peroxide and chloridric acid, both of which can be found in local stores...


I had a small board to make, to be able to control the power of my Internet Boxes to reset them when they hang (which happens when I need them not to), so I printed it, and tried to etch it.

The proportions I used were: 50% water, 25% HCl, 25% H2O2. Poured in this order in the container. HANDLE WITH CARE if you cant to try that.


I have to say I am impressed by the result: Fast, precise, clean. Since the board came out clean, I populated and programmed it.

I used this opportunity to try Micronucleus (a small USB bootloader for Attiny85), and after a little work to have it compile, it just work, that's very cool.


Here's the picture of the board:


Picture of the Board

Since I already had the code on hand, I tried to flash it (using the bootloader), worked first try =D

Left to do: Computer script to ping and reset the board when needed...


If you want the schematics and sourcecode, I can release them, just ask.

Cia ;)

Sparkfun BusPirate case

Hi everyone,

As you might have guessed from my last post, I'm into 3D printing theses days. And I didn't know what to print today, so I thought about my old friend, my BusPirate. I have the Sparkfun flavour of the BusPirate (which is v3.5 if I remember well). It is a little bit trimmed on the edges since I had a previous attempt with a case from Thingiverse (but which wasn't for SF Buspirate so it didn't fit in the end :/), but works well.

And I decided I'd make it a nice case, just to protect it when I carry it around. Dimensions are half measured / half guessed since I don't have any calipers on hand, just a regular ruler. The case doesn't need any glue or screw, just press the two parts and it'll stay closed. I did'nt need any fancy stuff like mounting holes so there aren't any. it is also quite smaller than the case you could find on thingiverse (for the Sparkfun BP).

I designed it with Catia V5 (that I have access to from school), so I just upload the STL files. If anyone want the CATParts, just ask, I'll send them to you.

Download Here

The picture is not really good and the surface isn't either (I know I need to reapply kapton tape on the heatbed but tonight I was a bit lazy so it's as it is.)